Sandstone Universities in Australia

List of Sandstone Universities in Australia Options Education Agency

List of Sandstone Universities in Australia

Sandstone universities in Australia are those that are among the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the country, often characterized by their historic buildings and established academic traditions. Here is a list of some of the prominent sandstone universities in Australia:

  1. University of Sydney

    • Established: 1850
    • Location: Sydney, New South Wales
    • Website:
  2. University of Melbourne

    • Established: 1853
    • Location: Melbourne, Victoria
    • Website:
  3. University of Adelaide

    • Established: 1874
    • Location: Adelaide, South Australia
    • Website:
  4. University of Queensland

    • Established: 1909
    • Location: Brisbane, Queensland
    • Website:
  5. University of Western Australia

    • Established: 1911
    • Location: Perth, Western Australia
    • Website:
  6. University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

    • Established: 1949 (originated from Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts in 1833)
    • Location: Sydney, New South Wales
    • Website: 
  7. University of Tasmania

    • Established: 1890
    • Location: Hobart, Tasmania
    • Website: 
  8. Australian National University (ANU)

    • Established: 1946
    • Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
    • Website:
  9. University of Otago (for its presence in Australia)

    • Established: 1869 (main campus in New Zealand)
    • Location: Sydney, New South Wales (Clinical School)
    • Website: 

Please note that while these universities are commonly referred to as “sandstone universities,” the term is not an official designation and may vary in usage. These institutions are recognized for their long histories, contributions to education and research, and their iconic campuses.

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