Australian Senator Inaugurates Options Education Nyeri Branch

Australian Senator Inaugurates Options Education Nyeri Branch Options Education Agency

A Global Affair: Australian Senator Inaugurates Options Education Nyeri Branch

Welcome to a world where educational opportunities know no boundaries, where dreams are nurtured, and potential is unlocked. Step into the inspiring journey of Options Education, as we take you back to the momentous beginning of 2018 when we proudly inaugurated our Central Kenya region office in the picturesque town of Nyeri. This momentous occasion was graced by influential stakeholders from the region, with the esteemed presence of Federal Australian Senator, Lucy Gichuhi. Under the theme of ‘Unlocking Potential through Higher Education and International Exposure,’ this event marked the genesis of our tireless mission to shape futures, one student at a time.

At the beginning of 2018 we launched our Central Kenya region office in Nyeri. This event was graced by major stakeholders in the central region with Federal Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi in attendance. The theme of the event was ‘Unlocking Potential through Higher Education and International exposure.’

Our Director, Helen Meria spoke about how she got into International higher education business Sector. She highlighted that Options Education was not an idea that was born out of a business plan, but out of necessity.

Opening Doors to Global Horizons: Options Education’s Journey of Empowerment

Helen disclosed that she saw a need and gap when most of her friends and family wished their children could have easy access to higher education opportunities in countries such as Australia. But the limited knowledge on the intricacies and processes of applying for university placement in Australia allowed Helen to step in and help parents and students make their dream of quality education come true.

Kenyan born and bred Australian Senator Lucy Gichuhi who is originally from Nyeri, spoke about demystifying the idea of studying abroad and encouraged the parents and other stakeholders present to look at international exposure as a great tool to fulfil dreams and diversify opportunities for their children.

“How about you think that the whole world is open to you? Because it is. Let’s look beyond the borders. It is scary, but I say feel the fear, and do it anyway. Because what are we going to do with our children? They need more opportunities whether they have graduated here or abroad.”

“Embracing Global Vistas: Unveiling the Saga of Options Education”

And finally, a panel discussion was held whereby the audience asked questions that were answered by Senator Gichuhi Honorable Lucy, Helen and a young Kenyan professional in Australia who has been an international student.

Below is a short selection of videos highlighting what happened at the event.

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